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I am just a chick who loves the outdoors, cooking and watching hockey. I have been losing weight, gaining some here and trying to reach my goal of 50lbs down. If you want ideas, support and some recipes then welcome! I will share what has worked of me and what hasn't. Please let me know what works or doesn't for you. Its always better with outside help! :} ***Note about the number on the scale...don't worry it says 61.0, but I was pressing on it with my hand for the picture....lol...I am not a twig!lol

My farmers market tote!

Posted By HappyKate on Sep 1, 2008 at 6:50PM

Here it is!

and it was free! Tossed to the way side untill it was taken under my wing for a new life!

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PetCo, Bento Boxes and Weight Loss

Posted By HappyKate on Aug 21, 2008 at 10:07AM

I have been VERY busy with my new job at PetCo. So far I am enjoying working there, they (at least my store) take immaculate care of the animals and everyone that I work with is really great!

Another plus besides finally gaining on the money front is that I am so busy running around at work that I am staying in good shape even when I don't get a chance to jog. Which by the way has been going really well when I get a chance, even if it is only once a week or so.

A while back (about a year ago) I got really into Bento box making. I over the summer I never really had an opportunity to make them, but now that I am back to work I make them all the time! I don't know why I have never talked about them before because they are a great fun way to watch portions and get all of those healthy foods in!

For those who do not know packing a bento box is a Japanese practice. When making a bento you should strive to incorporate a range of colour and beauty with the foods. I have been dying to show you some photos of my cute boxes but my memory card for my camera is acting funny and won't read. So until I get a new one you will have to do with some random photos of bentos like mine (but are not made by me). A great sight that can enlighten you to more is....

oh and another is...

Anyways between work and my bentos full of great foods in proper portions I have been doing great! (Did I mention that bentos are FUN to make!

180lbs starting weight
149.0lbs current
31lbs lost
8lbs to my healthy range
14lbs to go till my goal of 135lbs
5'3" height

Not bad! I am sooo excited and I feel great! Defiantly some bento pics to come, when I get a new card or find my other one!

Traditional BentoTraditional Bento

Modern American Bento, thanks to JokergirlModern American Bento, thanks to Jokergirl

Cute bento with great colour, thanks to pikkopotsCute bento with great colour, thanks to pikkopots

Cute Hello Kitty bento! Thanks to TrekkiegirlCute Hello Kitty bento! Thanks to Trekkiegirl

Vacation and a weight loss!

Posted By HappyKate on Jul 24, 2008 at 4:18PM

Alright! I am back once more! A lot has been going on since my last post!

So here we go!...

I survived the meeting again of the boyfriend's mother by seeing her but not much and leaving early to visit a somewhat near by relative.

Then our friend (Mr.'s and myself) from Portland came to visit just a few days after we had gotten home. He had never been to the east before so off we went to show him around....

1st stop Gettysburg on the way to DC.

Day 2: Capital building, Botanical gardens, Air and Space museum, the mall, Washington monument, Korean monument, Lincoln monument, WWII monument, Vietnam monument and finally the White house where we say the President's Scotti dog playing outside.

Day 3: The DC Zoo, Natural history museum, Jefferson monument, FDR and after our friend broke my drivers side mirror off the car on a ticket booth, a nice finish in downtown Frederick.

Day 4: I fixed the mirror with epoxy, drove up to the 1000 Islands area with a quick stop to water the plants at home (it was literally right on the way), and a stop for dinner at Dinosaur BBQ...soooooooooooooo good!

Day 5: A nice swim and off to Ottawa for some poutine (sooooo good!) and a good long rain shower!

Day 6: Swam in the lake and drove to a nice wild life preserve in Quebec.

Day 7: Then off to Montreal in the morning, had a good evening in old Montreal, a night in a hotel was nice

Day 8: Montreal in the morning (something about that town always gets my spirits up!) and on to Vermont

Day 9: Loved Vermont and decided to stay and tour some cheese farms and Ben & Jerry's (the Jelly Belly tour outside SF is much better). Had some GREAT cheese and got to pet baby sheep and cows.

Day 10: Off to Cape Cod and Province town! Good times in the tide and night life

Day 11: More beach and Province town crazy goodness

Day12: Caught the sun rise on the Atlantic and then headed off to home for a good night sleep!

Day 13: Back to the airport an hour and 15 minutes away at the crack of dawn to drop off our friend, breakfast with the folks and a hamster exchange (they watched Ebichu for me) all done before 7am! Then back home, a nap and Batman!

That was a great trip!
Hey I even lost a lb while doing it! There was so much walking and great eating but not much! Score for me! I even started jogging again right after we got home! It is all coming together!

More soon!

Weight, Stress, Birthday, Good and Bad

Posted By HappyKate on Jun 29, 2008 at 4:32PM

So I have started to learn that when I am busy and stressed about my weight and things I do not blog. Which of course is silly because thats when I should if not for anything more than letting it out and moving on.

I had my Birthday a couple of days ago (and the end of my summer class, thank goodness!) and it was GREAT! My Mr. really made up for all the times he well.....fell short we shall say, hey they all need to figure it out sometime! :}

My parents came down and stayed for the night to take me out and have some fun. It was wonderful and I had so much fun that it flew by!

But needless to say there was ALOT of food, cake (2) and other tempting things to be had. I managed to jog on my B Day knowing what was coming up in my food future, which was good.

Today I weighed myself because I knew that it was needed after MANY days of stuff (which was not an easy decision to make at all). To my surprise I weighed in at 153.4! I didn't gain at all, actually I went down!

This was a great surprise! All of thouse good habits must be lurking around even when I do not think that they are!

Here is the not so fun part....tomorrow I am of to Ottawa (which I love) for Canada Day (which will be great) except I REALLY do NOT want to have to stay very long due to my Mr.'s Mother. We are VERY different people and last time I was there right before I left with her son (to take him to University far away and not in Canada, yet a great school, which she had not heard of and therefore couldn't be 'that good') we got in a fight.

We are staying for 4 nights, 1 at a mutual friends (he lives downtown perfect place to be on Canada Day) but I want to go home right afterward to avoid all the trouble. He wants to stay to see his fam., which makes sense but I am SOOOOO STRESSED!

So long story short wish me luck....afterwards an old friend is visiting and it's vacation time! So hopefully I survive and control my weight and emotions!

Talk to you soon my people! Take care!

"Expressing out"

Posted By kEsLy06 on Jun 14, 2008 at 11:29AM

People i hadn't seen for like a year are coming back to town and the first thing they say it's that i gained weight :( It's really starting to upset me. I know I gained weight, but it's not enough that i know when people tell me i did it's like hearing it for the first time. It also made me think about my eating habits, like what kind i do eat healthier? or have i been eating out of control? In other words i'm just worrying now about what i eat and do (or dont) I'm thinking of ways of working out more. I dont know, it's just so depressing. I just needed to get it out!!!

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Whats missing?

Posted By HappyKate on Jun 2, 2008 at 7:45AM

okay I know that this is off topic from what I usually post but this is how my wonderful week has been going...

first off this happened....

Poor Silver Peanut's muffler finally went (I was expecting it fro some time now)....

And then.....
Can you guess what is missing from this picture?

If you guessed the sink you are correct! A cookie for you! Yay!
Anyways yes thats right my sink is gone! I smashed it! Not on purpose of course I leaned on it to look at something high up and SMASH! Bye bye sink....
Sigh....well it was kinda funny and my landlord was being really nice...he actually told me about a great Greek festival that I had to go to that night! I went...it was Great!
He is coming back today to install a pedestal sink, so its at least an upgrade for my place!
So long story short there is another hole in the ol' wallet....

And let us not forget......
It's my boyfriends B-day on Friday! But I have some inexpensive ideas that will still be great fun for him.

Finally tonight the Red Wings could (and will should I say) win the Stanly Cup! Great fun....I cannot wait!

Thats all for now, I'll post about the weight later....for now I am going to comfort my wallet!

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A newly found excitement for jogging!

Posted By HappyKate on May 26, 2008 at 2:59PM

Game 2 of the Stanly Cup Final! I am psyched! Go Back up team Go!

I will saw this once more (as I have previously stated it in the past although I wasn't nearly this far along)......I am a Jogger! Yes!
It feels so good and I just go out and do it now...even in not so great weather!

Today I had my best run yet... I went not quite 2 miles at a nice steady pace and my breathing was great! I passed two hippies who said that I didn't need to jog because I was beautiful enough already! That made me feel good! Then I passed a nice man and his dog who was very sweet. Its so nice when strangers are just friendly because!

I feel so strong! It is wondrous what a workout can do for your emotions and self esteem! I still have a ways to go with my weight loss (25lbs) but I just feel more confident!

Now I just need to find some new running shoes...my good ol' hiking shoes are not so good for impact any more.

Food wise I am not getting as much of a healthy mix as I should. The budget has become quite tight so it's now back to ramen and tuna for awhile, but hopefully not for too long! Ah the joys of University....I have a summer class starting tomorrow and I think that I will try to bike to school as much as I can....saving gas and working out all in one, YAY!

Thats all for now, maybe someday I will post points again! Who knows!

Weigh in! I lost weight!

Posted By HappyKate on May 23, 2008 at 2:54PM

This is going to be short because for some reason I am reallllly tired even though I got tons of sleep.

I managed to get a really good jog in in between rain spurts! It was even my best jog yet!

Today I weighed in and I am at 155.4lbs! Score down from 158.4 earlier in the week!! So far so good! I feel great too, except for the tiredness right now. More to come when I feel more awake!

Finals Tommorrow! Go Wings!

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Day 5 of Rain the crew is getting restless, jogging is needed

Posted By HappyKate on May 22, 2008 at 10:05AM

Capitan's Log:
Day 5 of Rain:
Somewhere over the area of Binghamton University:

It has been raining for 5 days straight with no signs of change. The crew is getting restless. A few days of jogging myself have been acquired with 'eh' results, but it has kept me from becoming to grumpy. If only this vessel had more than an exercise ball. Yesterday I took a crew member with me on a hour and a half walking mission to get supplies, the mission was a success and the air did him well. One of the crew known as Ebichu has taken to chewing more than usual on her quarters. I have assigned her time in the running sphere for today to alleviate the problem. The scale has not been agreeable as of late no matter how I try to appease it with hard work. It has been flat lining and I believe this might have something to do with the increase for daily jogging I have been doing. Hopefully it won't be long till the scale is once more in a happy state. For now I will cut back my visits to scale to once a week. I shall schedule another supply run for today to get the legs moving again this time to restock the coffee supply and also getting a cup on the surface. There is suppose to be good coffee on Starbucks I have heard, although so far the best we have found is on Tim Hortons. That is all for now. HappyKate signing off.

Finally another weigh in post! Jogging...yay

Posted By HappyKate on May 3, 2008 at 2:26PM

I had my weigh in of Friday...been busy preparing for finals week...lots to study for and many paintings due....

I have been doing well! I have been jogging fairly regularly......not so much last week but the week before almost every day and I went today as well...
I feel great about it because I am really starting to go much farther and my lungs feel like they are starting to cath up to my ambition!

I have been working very hard during the week to watch what I eat and I have been doing better on the weekends as well! My clothes are feel better on me also! Yay I finaly feel back on track...I am alllll over this!

So here are my stats now....

180lbs starting originally got down to 134lbs and then....
161lbs starting this time
156lbs currently
-2lbs this week
-24lbs So far
26lbs to go

current mini/ not so mini goal right now.....to reach 140lbs or close by my B-day in the end of June
Thanks for all your support guys!

As hockey goes the Sens have been out for awhile so I am supporting the Habs for now.....sigh
Check out my points lists for different restaurants! They help me!

My cheeks are soooo much redder than this chicks when I jog!

man I miss hiking in the mountains!man I miss hiking in the mountains!

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